Fiddle Tunes Illuminated: 45 Tunes Transcribed and Annotated for Stylistic Study, As Played by Alan Jabbour on Two CDs, A
Henry Reed Reunion and Southern Summits
Transcribed by Liberty Rucker and Alan Jabbour with introduction and commentary by Alan Jabbour   
Reviewed by Bill Hicks
The Old-Time Herald, Vol. 11, No. 12 (August-September 2009), pp. 55-56

placed in the bookshelf beside Chief O’Neill’s collections and memoirs, Breathnach’s Ceol Rince na hEireann, R.P. Christeson’s The Old-Time
Fiddler’s Repertory, and more recently the work of Lisa Ornstein. Jabbour has been so kind as to tie his transcriptions and analysis to actual CDs,
a link sorely lacking in much of the previous published fiddling work. The fact is and always has been that music is its own universe – learning to
read musical notation, or to discuss its characteristics, is not the same thing as learning to play a good tune or even a good symphony. But this isn’