Hollow Rock Legacy
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Below is the release announcement for Hollow Rock Legacy including a list of tracks.
I'm happy to announce the release of Hollow Rock Legacy, a double-CD packagereissuing two LP recordings on which I
played fiddle back in the later 20th century. The LPs thus rescued from oblivion (or from fifth-generation dubs) are The Hollow
Rock String Band (the second Hollow Rock album, originally released on Rounder in 1974) and Sandy's Fancy (originally
released onFlying Fish in 1981). Rounder Records has licensed me to do this reissue project as my own release. Charlie
Rounder. In my opinion, both CD reissues sound superior to the original LPs.

The artists.
I am playing fiddle and Tommy Thompson is playing banjo on both CDs. On the Hollow Rock String Band album, Jim Watson
joins us on guitar, mandolin, and autoharp, and on Sandy's Fancy, Sandy Bradley joins us on piano and guitar. I'm reissuing
these albums because of the performances of these wonderful artists who played with me. In particular, there is no
better collection anywhere of the oldtime banjo playing of Tommy Thompson, who passed away in 2003.

The music.
The two CDs are made up entirely of oldtime instrumental tunes. Most are from my mentor Henry Reed, but several are from
other oldtime fiddlers. Here is a list of all 39 tunes:

(Click on underlined track titles to hear a music sample.)


1. Shelvin' Rock (Henry Reed)
2. The Route (Henry Reed)
3. Jenny Lind Polka / The Year of Jubilo (Various)
4. Sally Ann (Henry Reed and others)
5. Isom Waltz (John Lewis)
6. West Fork Gals (Lee Triplett)
7. Leather Britches (Henry Reed and others)
8. Red Fox (Henry Reed)
9. Shady Grove (Henry Reed)
10. West Virginia Rag (Henry Reed)
11. Boatin' Up Sandy (Frank "Doc" White)
12. Billy in the Low Land (Henry Reed)
13. Granny (Henry Reed)
Rose Division (John Lewis)
15. Schottische (Henry Reed)
West Virginia Gals (Henry Reed)
Shootin' Creek (Henry Reed)
18. British Field March (Henry Reed)
19. Peekaboo Waltz (Henry Reed and others)
20. Sandy River Belle (Henry Reed and others)
21. Birdie (Henry Reed)


1. Johnny Lover's Gone (Taylor Kimble and others)
2. Shoes and Stockings (Henry Reed)
3. Sally Ann Johnson (Henry Reed)
4. Ducks in the Pond (Henry Reed)
5. Schottische (Henry Reed)
Liza Jane / Liza Jane (Romie Aiken/Glen Smith)
7. Shortening Bread / Ebenezer (Henry Reed/Frank George and Henry Reed)
8. Paddy on the Turnpike (Henry Reed)
9. Fire on the Mountain / Greenfield Cotillion (John Lewis/Gray Craig)
10. Shooting Creek (Oscar Wright and others)
11. Little Brown Hand (Armin Barnett)
12. Indian Nation (Burl Hammons)
13. Peekaboo Waltz (Henry Reed and others)
14. Ragged Bill (Henry Reed)