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DECORATION DAY IN THE MOUNTAINS (2010) - a beautiful and fascinating presentation and analysis of a widespread and powerful but little known cultural tradition of the Upland South, in which
communities clean rural cemeteries, decorate the graves with flowers, and hold a religious service in the cemetery with hymn-singing, preaching, and dinner examines the historical evidence and
geographical distribution of the practice, concluding that it preceded and was the shaping influence for the post-Civil War Memorial Day practice in America. It also examines the practice as the cultural
basis for a cultural movement in the later 20th century pressing Great Smoky Mountains National Park to make 27 cemeteries in the park accessible for decorations by the people with ties to the
cemeteries. The book's text is by Alan Jabbour and its photographs are by Karen Singer Jabbour -- 250 pp., 8.75" x 11.25", 33 color and 86 black-and-white photographs, map, appendices, endnotes,
bibliography, index. $30.
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FIDDLE TUNES ILLUMINATED (2009) – a 120-page spiral-bound volume of detailed transcriptions for each of the 45 tunes contained on the CDs SOUTHERN SUMMITS and A HENRY REED
REUNION.  The volume also contains a substantial Introduction; a page of Commentary accompanying each transcription, including source and tune history, key, range, scale, phrase structure, tune
features, and stylistic features, and detailed analysis of certain stylistic features; an extensive section of Terms and Features, defining key stylistic features and citing the tunes in which they appear;
and Index; and four photographs.  $20.  Also available as a package deal with SOUTHERN SUMMITS and A HENRY REED REUNION for $45.  
Click here for a full description and a sample transcription.


YOU CAN'T BEAT THE CLASSICS (2015) - A CD collection of twenty-two distinctive settings of oldtime music classics and rarities from Appalachia and beyond. It is performed by three artists: Alan
Jabbour on fiddle, Ken Perlman on clawhammer banjo, and Jim Watson on guitar and vocals. Classic tunes are inherently worthwhile musically, or they would not have become classics. Certain tunes
also seemed worth revisiting because fresh versions might stir up renewed interest. We hope that the musicality of our settings stirs fresh enthusiasm for these grand old classics. For good measure,
we’ve also included a number of wonderful tunes never released before.

SOUTHERN SUMMITS: 21 DUETS FOR FIDDLE AND BANJO (2005) –  21 tracks (23 tunes) played by me on fiddle and Ken Perlman on banjo.  The tunes are all learned directly from older traditional
fiddlers, and most are from Henry Reed, the Hammons family, and other Appalachian sources.  Contains an eight-page booklet with tune histories.  $15.  
Click here for more details, a list of tracks,
music samples.

A HENRY REED REUNION (2002) – This CD of 21 tracks (22 tunes) features me on fiddle, Bertram Levy on banjo and concertina, and James Reed (one of Henry Reed’s sons) on guitar.  All the tunes
on the CD are from the repertory of my mentor Henry Reed of Glen Lyn, VA, and the CD grew out of the annual musical reunion I have with the Reed family.  $15.  
Click here for more details, a list of
tracks and
music samples.

HOLLOW ROCK LEGACY (2004) - This two-CD set reissues two long-playing recordings:  The Hollow Rock String Band (Rounder 0024, originally released in 1974) and Sandy’s Fancy (Flying Fish FF-
260, originally released in 1981).  Both albums feature me on fiddle and Tommy Thompson on banjo.  The Hollow Rock String Band album also features Jim Watson on guitar, mandolin, and autoharp,
and Sandy’s Fancy features Sandy Bradley on piano and guitar. $20.
Click here for more details and a list of tracks.

THE HOLLOW ROCK STRING BAND: TRADITIONAL DANCE TUNES (1997) – Originally released in 1968 on the Kanawha label, this album was reissued on CD by County Records (CO-CD-2715).  It
features me on fiddle, Tommy Thompson, on banjo, Bertram Levy on mandolin, and Bobbie Thompson on guitar.  This is the album made by the original Hollow Rock String Band in Durham, NC – in
contrast to the “second” Hollow Rock album, which is part of Hollow Rock Legacy reissue (see above).  $15.  
Click here for a list of tracks and music samples.


LEARNING OLD-TIME FIDDLE APPALACHIAN STYLE WITH ALAN JABBOUR (2004) - Available in both VHS and DVD editions, this instructional video features me teaching ten Appalachian tunes.  The
tunes are played both slowly and at normal performance speed.  The instruction pays special attention to bowing patterns that are an essential part of Southern fiddling style, and the camera shots
make it easier to follow the bowing.  The video ends with a long interview of me by Donna Hébert, who along with Marsha Schoeffler produced the video.  VHS $15, DVD $30.
 Click here for more
details and a list of tracks taught in the video.


THE HAMMONS FAMILY: THE TRADITIONS OF A WEST VIRGINIA FAMILY AND THEIR FRIENDS (1998) – A two-CD reissue (Rounder 1504/05) of two recorded publications originally issued in 1973,
The Hammons Family (Library of Congress AFS L65-66) and Shaking Down the Acorns (Rounder 0018), both edited by Carl Fleischhauer and Alan Jabbour.  The set includes fiddle and banjo tunes,
songs, stories, riddles, and other oral traditions performed by Burl Hammons, Sherman Hammons, Maggie Hammons Parker, Lee Hammons, and Mose Coffman of Pocahontas and Greenbrier
Counties, West Virginia..  Contains a 120-page booklet with cultural history, musical analysis, and photos.  $25.  
Click here for a list of tracks.

AMERICAN FIDDLE TUNES (2000) – A CD reissue (Rounder 18964-1518-2) of a long-playing recording originally released in 1971 (Library of Congress AFS L62), edited by Alan Jabbour.  The
publication includes American fiddle tune performances from both the North and the South, recorded in the 1930s and 1940s and contained in the collections of the Archive of Folk Culture, American
Folklife Center, Library of Congress.  Contains a 72-page booklet with fiddle tune histories, musical analysis, and photos. $15.  
Click here for a list of tracks.

THE EDDEN HAMMONS COLLECTION, Volume I  (1999) – A CD reissue (WVU Press SA-1) of a long-playing recording originally released by West Virginia University Press in 1984, edited by John
Cuthbert and Alan Jabbour.  The publication includes fiddle tune performances by Edden Hammons of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, recorded in 1947 by Louis Chappell.  Contains a 28-page
booklet with biographical information, tune analyses, and photos. $15.
Click here for a list of tracks.    
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