Southern Summits
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Below is the release announcement for Southern Summits, including a list of tracks and music samples.

I am happy to announce the release of a new CD entitled SOUTHERN SUMMITS.  It is a gathering of 21 fiddle-
Ken and I have been making music together since we met a few years ago at Rocky Mountain Music Camp.  other
places in eastern Canada, I'm proud to say that I lured him back into the Southern repertory on which he had
originally learned banjo in the 1970s.  We developed a way of presenting great old Southern tunes that could be
called "duets," where the two instruments are balanced in conversation with each other.

All but one of the tunes on SOUTHERN SUMMITS are tunes I learned from older Southern fiddlers back in the
1960s and 1970s.  Fourteen are from my mentor Henry Reed.  Others are from Burl and Edden Hammons and
various other fiddlers in both the Appalachians and the North Carolina Piedmont.  And one tune is from one of
Ken's Prince Edward Island tutors, Archie Stewart.

The tunes:
(Click on underlined track titles to hear a music sample.)

1. Billy in the Low Land (G) – Henry Reed
Henry Reed’s Breakdown (A) – Henry Reed
3. Rocky Mountain Goat (D) – Henry Reed
4. Birdie (C) – Henry Reed
Rocking the Babies to Sleep (D) – Henry Reed, Gene and James Reed
6. Magpie / Greasy String (G) – Vaughn Marley & Earl Shatterly / Henry Reed
7. Bonaparte’s Retreat (D) – Henry Reed
8. Henry Reed’s Favorite (A) – Henry Reed
9. Rose Division (C) – John Lewis
10. Chapel Hill Serenade / Green Willis (D) -- Lonnie Corsbie & Tinsey Clapp /
Taylor Kimble
11. Waynesboro (G) – Edden Hammons
12. British Field March (A) – Henry Reed
13. Sally Ann Johnson (D) – Henry Reed
14. Lady of the Lake (G) – Henry Reed
15. Hell up Cole Holler (C) – Henry Reed
16. Sandy Boys (A) – Edden & Burl Hammons
17. Rochester Schottische (D) – Henry Reed
18. The Honeymoon (G) – Archie Stewart
19. Henry Ford’s Waltz (C) – Henry Reed
20. Washington’s March (D) – Edden & Burl Hammons
21. Boatman (A) – Ross Miller and others

You'll actually be getting 23 tunes on 21 tracks.  There is also an eight-page booklet with individual tune histories,
banjo and fiddle tunings, and other information of interest.  And it's beautifully recorded and designed.